Current version: 1.1
Last updated this page: 2017/10/11
Contact information (author): See readme.txt below...


CDBeQuiet! (aka CDBQ) is a tool for slowing down optical disk drives under
a real DOS environment. This can be useful, if you have a relatively fast drive that can
produce unwanted noise during operation.

The tool allows you to set a desired speed by specifying a command-line parameter.

For detailled information, system requirements, manual, change history and such have a
look at README.TXT.

For a list of drives that are known to work, please refer to DRIVES.TXT.

If you are a developer, you are welcome to have a look at the source code. Please let
me know, if you find errors or just something that can be done in a better way. Thanks!
CDBeQuiet! is based on an assembler program by "Hackman".

IMPORTANT: Before you can use the tool efficiently, you will have to run a few
tests (benchmarks). Usage without proper testing can lead to poor disk read
performance. This is all explained in detail in the readme file mentioned above,
section How to test the settings and which rate to choose?.


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